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<strong>JCBlogs</strong> is a JustClick Media product that offers insights, tips and inspiration to people.

In <strong>JCBlogs</strong>, we create articles every month based on topics like culture, food, fashion and lifestyle, travel, technology and shopping. These articles also announce products and services from third parties, from clients who want promote their products and services throughout creative content.

In 2015, <strong>JCBlogs</strong> was launched mainly as a project about “Top Things To Do” and “Top Places To Go”, therefore the name <strong>JCBlogs</strong>, which literally means “make me a list” in Spanish.

After the first launch, we started growing, promoting more categories in different countries and becoming more popular. Today, <strong>JCBlogs</strong> counts with six different blogs around the globe:

Monthly unique visitors to the sites grow every day and with it, we do to! We love to engage with our users and clients, and make the most out of every article we write about.

Until now we have managed to bring our first ideas together and enjoy this beautiful creation.

With 18 members behind this project, our purpose is to keep on learning about our users and develop new strategies for future clients. Research is our daily priority, as we want to engage our visitors with the best and newest insights about the most trendy topics in the market.

If you want to get in touch with us, leave us a comment or simply say hi, drop us a message or send us an email to: <a href=»»></a>.

<a href=»»>Listame ES</a>, Spain
<a href=»»>Listame BR</a>, Brazil &amp; Portugal
<a href=»»>Listame IT</a>, Italy
<a href=»»>SimplesDeals</a>, France &amp; Belgium
<a href=»»>Tippshero</a>, Germany and The Netherlands
<a href=»»>Lists4you</a>, England, USA, Australia &amp; Canada